Over the years, in my different ventures, I’ve never once thought about the attachment of money to my passions. I knew early on that for me to get out of bed every day, I would have to spend my day doing something I loved and I would somehow find a way to survive doing it. As time has passed I found the sense of fulfillment in life didn’t necessarily come from accomplishments within my ventures and careers but from doing something within those passions that also made a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow. Maybe on some level I subconsciously knew that years ago but just didn’t have the concept identified……like when I would play a concert, the music would bring joy to someone in that moment, or when someone used one of the products we made at Bubble Shack, their skin would improve. (But I didn’t really think of it that way at the time) As I began my studies in mind/body nutrition, I dissected that concept a bit further and that’s when the light-bulb came on for me!

Being able to help others achieve their greatest health potential gives me ultimate fulfillment. I’m passionate about health and food and feel amazing when the knowledge I share can improve someone’s life. So, why am I babbling on about this? Reflectively, my conclusion is if you are in a situation where realistically you cannot follow your true passion at the current moment and you are working a job just to pay the bills that you are not “passionate” about, try and identify some element within that job that makes a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow. It’s a game changer and a happiness increaser. No matter what the job is, it’s there.

Once you’ve made this mindset shift, you can begin to set intentions to create, nurture and inspire you to live a passion based, purpose filled authentic life. Having a life passion is so much more than simply discovering what you love to do. A life passion supported by a greater purpose needs direction and vision to make it as rich and rewarding as it can possibly be. Once your life passion is discovered, you’ll begin to approach other components of your life with the same passion and you will radiate your positive vision, blossoming and thriving, giving your existence meaning.

Here are eight steps I’ve identified that have helped me live my life’s passion:

1. Get to Know Yourself. You don’t have to quit your job and run off to India or some remote cave in Thailand to get to know yourself better and just when you may think you already know everything there is to know you’re going to need to dig a little deeper. Devote a scheduled time at least once a week (or daily if you can) to self-study. Think about your strengths, your fears, how those fears developed, how you like to receive love, how you give love, your blood type, your archetype, your Ayurvedic dosha? Do you like animals? Are you an introvert or an extravert and why? What is your relationship with food? Do you emotionally eat? If you had zero fears attached, what’s the first thing you would do? Where, geographically, do you feel you feel the most at home? Are you low key, serious, charming, sincere at heart, authentic, flashy, bold, strong willed, a deep thinker? Finding real answers to these questions and others will teach you tons about your inner workings.

2. Establish your innate personal qualities. Once you’ve identified a few new things about yourself, make a list of all your natural born tendencies, likes and personal qualities. Writing things down about yourself helps you to accept and build upon those qualities. When creating a life passion, it’s best to build off your strengths, likes and natural abilities as you’ll be more inclined to follow through and continue your path.

3. Connect the dots and create your life’s passion: After you’ve established your personal qualities, likes and natural abilities consider a tool like the Flag Page. www.flagpage.com I love this technique for discovering your heart’s true direction. I’ve used the Flag Page myself and found it to be an incredible tool for establishing self-identity, acceptance and passion.

4. Set your intentions. Once your true passions are identified, set an intention or intentions. An intention is more than a goal and is a powerful tool in realizing your vision.

5. Do not share your ideas about your passions. Many times, friends and family members are the original source of inner fears and the self-defeating voice inside that tells us we’re not worthy or capable of accomplishing or creating something for ourselves. These same people can also be the current voice of negativity and fear when it comes to your new quest to implement your life passion. In my many ventures, I’ve found it mostly beneficial to keep my ideas, passions, visions and plans to myself until I have actually begun or even completed implementation. Understanding that you and only you have the answers and the solutions to your own life is the first step in self-realization and you do not need anyone else’s approval but your own.

6. Anticipate road blocks and create steps to overcome them. With any quest to realize an intention, there will surely be road blocks and setbacks. Learning to take those in stride and continue moving forward is key. It’s usually three steps forward, two steps back but eventually you get there and your intention is realized. When a road block does present itself, ask yourself a few questions: Why is this road block presenting itself? Is it truly a road block? What lesson is this road block teaching me and how can I apply it in a positive way to my intention?

7. Sink deep into your new mindset. Immerse yourself with everything related to your passion. Read articles, subscribe to podcasts, find online learning tools and even get your social media feed speaking your language by liking pages and feeds that fuel your passion.

8. Take daily action. Carving time out to work on your intention is key. Whether it’s creating mental space to ponder on specific elements of your life passion on certain days or taking specific action on other days, accepting and even writing down these necessary actions will help you along the way. If it were easy and effortless, everyone would live their life’s passion….it’s not easy and it will take work but when your passion is your work, the distinction between work and enjoyment becomes one and the same. Acknowledging the quest and enjoying the journey of creating and living your life’s passion is what it’s all about!