1. Rise and Retire with the sun each day. (In essence, don’t stay up too late and don’t wake up too early)

2. Eat a nourishing, nutrient rich breakfast and fresh green juice every morning.

3. Brush your skin (towards the heart) with a skin brush every day. This increases circulation and makes your skin glow by getting rid of dead skin cells.

4. Use a simple, jade Gua Sha tool on your legs and face to increase blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. This is a great anti-aging tool.

5. Meditate and/or do yoga-3-4 times per week.

6. Walk, jog, skate or ride a bike outside as much as possible for both exercise and Vitamin D. Exercise outside is crucial to our immune system. The sun kills bacteria and viruses and makes us happy.

7. Exfoliate your face, neck and chest 3-4 times per week with a natural scrub.

8. Use an essential oil like geranium or frankincense combined with olive or coconut oil, then lock in all that goodness with an organic, cream based moisturizer.

9. Get a massage at least four times per year or get acupuncture with massage four times per year to stimulate blood flow, which heals your organs and brightens your skin.

10. Get a crystal healing and chakra alignment once a year to help release negative emotions that no longer serve you.

11. Start your day with music and singing. Turn the TV Off. Allow your mind to quiet. Turn the TV Off.

12. Limit time watching the news. It’s depressing, the media sensationalizes crime and creates an overall frame of mind that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s not. There is still good in the world.

13. Limit time on social media but follow feeds that encourage and enrich positive lifestyles and growth. Fill your feed with positivity and self-improvement.

14. Attempt to speak positively no matter how negative you are feeling. Don’t talk about others. Your life will change if the words that flow out of our mouth are positive. In turn, the thoughts that flow from your mind will start to change to positive ones.

15. Feed yourself nutrient rich food. Nutrient rich food fills you up and makes you eat less overall and ultimately reduces cravings for empty, processed foods. View everything that goes into your mouth as either hurting or helping you. Food is medicine. Food is life.

16. Try to spend at least one hour per day alone. Use that time wisely to connect with yourself, preferably without the use of a tv or phone. 🙂

17. Set small goals for yourself. Accept where you are today. Drop the idea of perfection in anything you do. Just try to improve where you were the day before and never compare yourself to anyone else.

18. Don’t fall asleep to the TV.

19. Eliminate sources of excess and chemical estrogen: (birth control pills, chemicals in your home, processed foods, BPA in plastic water bottles, pesticides) Excess estrogen is linked to many forms of cancer.

20. Be authentic. Strive for authenticity in everything you do. Make it your purpose.

21. Always wear sunglasses outside or in the car to prevent crow’s feet around your eyes.

22. Know your body. Know your organs and the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Know what effects what. Study the writings of Michio Kushi.